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Applications are invited for PlusOne additional batches, Admission will close 30th
august 2011

Assabah studens won
first place in sub district
sports festival

Assabah Association Trust is a well organized and established non-profit organization, under Muslim management. The trust is managing number of educational institutions. M.V.M.R.H.S.S founded in 1986 under Assabah Association Trust. School provides quality education for all community with affordable cost. Now the school has grown to a full fledged Higher Secondary School starting from K.G. to Higher Secondary level with reorganization of government of Kerala.


  1. Conduct monthly test in every month, in addition to terminal examination.
  2. Conduct the cultural programme in every week to develop cultural talent of the pupil.
  3. Conduct arts, sports and games competition in every year
  4. Organize various game team such as football, volleyball and basketball team through specialized training programme.
  5. Moral education mainly based on curriculum and syllabus prescribed by educational board of Kerala Nadhvathul Mujaheedeen.

General Rules And Regulations

  1. Pupil should report in the class before 9.00 am.
  2. Late comers are not allowed to enter the class room without permission of the principal.
  3. Parents must not approach teachers or students directly or otherwise disturb class during study times. Permission from the principal has to be obtained before meeting the child.
  4. Pupil should wear proper uniform in all days.
  5. Pupil should bring their diary regularly.
  6. If a child is absent for any reason, he/she must bring a letter justifying the reason for absence.
  7. The school reserves the right to expel any student, if he/she violates the rules and regulations of the school. if anyone expelled will have no legal remedy against the school.
  8. Wearing of gold ornament is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  9. Use of mobile phone strictly prohibited in the campus.
  10. Courses discontinuing pupil should pay full course fee for that year.
  11. Hostel student can go their home only on second Saturdays and other prescribed holidays.
  12. All Muslim students' participation is compulsory in the campus prayer.
  13. Regular maddrassa class has scheduled for hostel students.
  14. Raging strictly prohibited in the campus, if do so expel the pupil from the school at that moment.
  15. Students are not allowed to drive motor bikes/vehicles into the campus.